3D3 World Maya Modo Advanced Multimedia

3D3 World

London England & Cortona Italy

Europe's longest running computer arts training facility. Founded in 1996 it has provided multi-media and 3D animation training for over 2 decades in both the UK and Italy





London (England)

Cortona (Italy)

Classroom & online tutorials

MAYA - Now with live one-to-one online training

MODO- Now with live one-to-one online training

MAYA and MODO training is now online with live trainers


CHOOSE THE DATES, TIMES AND LESSONS you prefer including week-ends

RECORD YOUR LESSONS to play back later and revise

CLASSROOM COURSES Maya, Modo, Premiere, After Effects training

with 1 trainer to 4 students or one-to-one teaching at Europe's longest  running training facility established in 1996