The MAYA EXTREME training course is 20 days in duration over 4 weeks. You’ll cover all the basics from model building, texturing and lighting to advanced topics such as character animation with skeletons. nParticles, nCloth and advanced fluids are also covered during the first 2 weeks of the course.

Following your basic training you will go on to create your first portfolio animation of up to one minute in duration using all of the functions you’ve learned and applying them to a practical project. An animation which you will script and direct. You will be able to use either Mental Ray or Pixar’s RenderMan to render your project.

A day by day breakdown

DAY 1 - The interface, modelling basics

DAY 2 - Advanced modelling, sub-divisions, NURBS, deformers

DAY 3 - Textures and lighting, rendering, UV mapping and projections

DAY 4 - Creating a skeleton for character animation, skinning and key-framing the character

DAY 5 - Hierarchical animation, particles, physics

DAY 6 - Hair and fur, fluids and oceans

DAY 7 - Advanced physics, cloth and particles

DAY 8 - Adding deformers for facial animation

DAY 9 - Building a set for a portfolio work

DAY 10 - Animating and rendering your portfolio work



For the remaining 10 days of your course you will work on a fully animated portfolio production. This will employ all of the skills you’ve mastered in the first 2 weeks of the course and give you practical experience in the craft of animation. You will be building a complete set with a character. It will be fully textured and lit- and your character will perform according to the storyboard you have created. All f this will be done with your trainer giving advice and suggestions and bringing his experience and know-how to your work.

Final output will be to either Pixar's RenderMan or Arnold. (Or both if you so chose).

There are discounts for students and those out of work.

The cost of the 20 day course is

£3000 (1 trainer to 4 students) or £3400 (one-to-one). This includes meals and accommodation. This course is only available at our Cortona, Italy location.

Our Italian location. In the 1,000 year old castle, Castello Neve. All training is in English.