MAYA GO - 5 days. An intense 5 day introduction to Maya covering all the basics of modeling, texturing, lighting and animation that you will need to get over the initial steep learning curve. Recommend for those short of time.

MAYA ADRENALIN - 10 days. A 10 day course covering all the aspects of Maya GO but introducing you to dynamics, nCloth, nParticles, deformers and character animation. Recommended as the ideal course for beginners who want to go on and develop their skills at home.

MAYA EXTREME - 20 days. Covers all the ground of the 10 day Adrenalin courses but providing an additional 10 days to develop your own short animation using all the essential features and developing skills in a short animation.

MAYA ACADEMY - 40 days. This is the ultimate Maya course covering everything from beginner to master level. You’ll cram in all you could learn on a one year university course whilst making a professional quality animation. Recommended for the ambitious and undergraduates.